Where Do Your Diamonds Come From? Are They All Conflict Free?

All of our diamonds come directly from the source in Ramat Gan, Israel. All the diamonds we work with are certified conflict-free

Do you offer any other types of diamond cuts besides Princess Cuts?

Although we specialize in princess cuts, we also offer round, pear, cushion, emerald as well as any other kind of diamond cut in the market. We carry a wide variety of carat sizes, from .30cts to 10.00cts. We are your one stop shop for your diamond needs.

What factors determine the cost of a diamond?

There are many factors that determine the value of a diamond. Color, clarity, and carat size are the first things you need to consider when determining what diamond to buy. When it comes to color, the closer you get to “D” color, which is considered colorless, the rarer the diamond becomes which causes the price to increase. When it comes to clarity, a diamond is graded on a scale from Flawless to Included. The closer you get to Flawless, which means no inclusions or imperfections, the rarer the diamond becomes and that again causes the price of that diamond to increase. When it comes to carat size, prices will increase as the carat size increases because the bigger a diamond is, the rarer it becomes. There are also a few smaller but equally as important factors. These factors include the cut, polish and symmetry of the diamond. The better the cut, polish, and symmetry are the more expensive the diamond will be.

How long does a ring take to be made from the time I order it?

Please allow three weeks from the time a ring is ordered to have it ready. We like to give each and every ring the attention to detail and respect it deserves. We pride ourselves on our high quality items and we do not want to deliver a sub satisfactory piece to the customer. We inspect every piece, from start to finish, insuring our customer’s happiness. Often times, we are able to complete a ring before the three weeks, but not always. Our goal is to create customers for life by doing our very best with each and every piece.

Do you buy used diamonds?

Yes, we buy diamonds from the public. Because we are the manufacturers, we have room to offer you higher prices for your diamonds.

What forms of payment methods do you accept?

We accept multiple forms of payments that include card, check, cashiers check, wire transfer, and crypto currency.