About The Perfect Princess Cut®

Who We Are

 The Perfect Princess Cut® is a fine diamond and jewelry manufacturer. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind custom jewelry pieces. As the manufacturer, we can create anything your heart desires. Our wholesale to the public prices allows us to create unique custom pieces while staying within any budget. Our goal is to create customers for life through our customer care, credibility, consistency, and competitive pricing, and that is what we expect to do with each and every customer. We want to turn your dreams into reality…

Our Mission

       Our mission is to make you a customer for life! We pledge to abide by the highest standards of the 4 C’s:

  • Consistency
  • Customer Care
  • Credibility
  • Competitive Pricing

Our Products

The Perfect Princess Cut®  is a direct importer of ideal and premium-cut loose diamonds. We primarily supply our “Perfect Princess Cut®” diamonds, but we also carry round, radiant, cushion, emerald, oval, and pear shape diamonds. We also carry a long line of bridal and fashion jewelry pieces. 

Our Services         

1. Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee -  if you buy a product from us and sometime down the line you want to upgrade from what you bought, we will buy back your piece of jewelry at the exact same price you bought it for, and credit that towards your new purchase

2. Free Lifetime Jewelry Cleaning – If you buy a piece of jewelry from us, we will clean it for free any time that you want for a lifetime.

3. Referral Program – If you recommend someone to us and they purchase a piece of jewelry, you will receive 5% of the amount they purchased. You can either get it in cash or store credit.

4. Lay Away Program - We offer a lay away for all of our pieces. Please call us for more information - 702- 



We at The Perfect Princess Cut® Studio stand by our company’s mission statement ‘Creating customers for life’.  We pride ourselves in providing consistency, care, competitive pricing, credibility, and value to all of our customers. We treat our customers like family when they walk through our doors, and guide them through every step of the jewelry buying process. There is not a request to big or too small that we won’t try our hardest to fulfill. We want to turn our customer’s dreams into reality, and that is EXACTLY what we are going to do.

     The Perfect Princess Cut® diamonds and The Elite Round Cut Diamonds were developed to be the only one of its kind, all while meeting American Gem Society Performance-based Cut Grading Standards, which are the highest standards in the industry. The cuts have their own proprietary AGS grading report, which provides both certification and light performance data. Each certificate displays the actual ASET photograph of the diamond itself. The Perfect Princess Cut® diamond features 73 facets that enhance the diamond’s brilliance, beauty and light performance. When comparing this cut to a “generic” princess cut diamond, the difference can be detected by the naked eye. The cut features a larger crown angle, creating the highest degree of light performance. According to AGS laboratory standards, The Perfect Princess Cut® scores a cut grade from Ideal to Very Good.. The enhanced quality of this cut brings great satisfaction to clients and consumers.

The background, education, and knowledge in all facets of the diamond industry, make us, The Perfect Princess Cut® Staff,  able to help their customers make the perfect choice when picking out a piece of jewelry.  We stand by our product with the utmost pride and satisfaction and directly conveys that in our relationship with our customers.  We are always willing to share our knowledge and insight to educate our clients, about The Perfect Princess Cut®  and other diamond cuts.

The Studio has come up with a Perfect Princess Cut® and The Elite Round Cut diamond jewelry line, available to the public at wholesale price points.  These diamonds come straight from the source, cutting the middleman out. Both value and quality are the focus of every piece in The Perfect Princess Cut® collection. The Perfect Princess Cut® design studio is a place where customers can come sit with in-house designers and create a piece that brings their imagination to life, creating an experience like none other. In-house designers and diamond specialists have created an exclusive Custom Line of luxury rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and a stunning Bridal Line. Every piece of the collection was designed specifically to enhance and accommodate the diamonds of that piece. We also released an exclusive men’s line, which includes an array of designs from a classic design to a sleek, contemporary design. This variety of designs can be previewed at the design studio and can also be used as a reference in designing a custom Perfect Princess Cut® piece.

The Perfect Princess Cut® Studio’s mission statement is creating customers for life. We follow this mission statement by offering the best customer service that we can. We offer services to their customers like: free jewelry cleaning, free appraisals for every jewelry piece they purchase, and a lifetime upgrade guarantee if a customer should ever want to upgrade in the future, they will get credit for the amount they originally paid and it will be used towards their new piece. These are just some of the many services that we offer. We. At The Perfect Princess Cut® Studio, truly give their customers the upmost care.

We, at The Perfect Princess Cut, believe that the jewelry buying process should be an experience that is fondly remembered. We want to bring as much romance and love into your custom piece as we can. If we can accommodate our customer in any way, we will.